Pic-a-Flic video

Enrich your life with better movies, better TV shows, and a connection with the local community.

Open Sunday to Wednesday, noon – 7pm,
Thursday, noon – 6pm,
Friday and Saturday, noon – 8pm.

You can always call to reserve videos in advance, so we have them freshly cleaned and waiting for you at the door! Just explore our full catalogue online and then call in your request!

Find us at our new location, 1519 Pandora Ave in the Stadacona Centre.
Victoria, BC, Canada. Or phone us at 250-382-3338.

Browse over 25,000 gems from around the world and across genres at Victoria’s deepest video library. We have five times as many titles as Netflix Canada, and most of our library is around half the price of online rentals. Of the 500 best movies of all time, most streaming services have only a small handful. But you can rent them all from us, and our friendly staff can help you explore favourites of all types.

Come by and explore Icelandic dramas, cult sci-fi, rare documentaries, independant animation, music concerts, 1930s detective movies, 1970s comedy TVyour world will be expanded and your life enriched.