Pic-a-Flic video

year format title length rating genre notes
2001 DVD 25 Watts 94 min NR Foreign Spanish, Uruguay, Rebella
2012 DVD 7 Boxes 100 min Foreign Spanish, Paraguay, Maneglia
2009 DVD 9:06 71 min Foreign Slovenian, Slovenia, Sterk
1998 DVD Adopted Son 81 min PG Foreign Kyrgyz, Kyrgyzstan, Abdikalik
2016 DVD After the Storm 117 min PG New Foreign Japanese, Japan, Koreeda
2009 DVD Alive! 90 min NR Foreign Albanian, Albania, Minarolli
2020 DVD Ammonite 117 min 18 New Foreign Kate Winslet, Saoirse Ronan
2020 DVD Another Round 116 min New Foreign Danish, Mads Mikkelsen, Denmark, Vinterberg
2013 DVD Attack 106 min 14 Foreign Arabic, Hebrew, Lebanon, Doueiri
2013 Blu-ray Attack 106 min 14 Foreign Arabic, Hebrew, Lebanon, Doueiri
2008 DVD Bab'aziz 96 min NR Foreign Arabic, Tunisia, Khemir
2017 DVD Back to Burgundy 113 min New Foreign French, France, Klapisch
2006 DVD Bamako 117 min NR Foreign French, Mali, Sissako
2016 DVD Battle for Incheon: Operation 120 min 14 New Foreign English Dubb, Liam Neeson, Korea, Lee
2014 DVD Beat Beneath My Feet 91 min NR New Foreign Luke Perry, Nicholas Galitzine
1998 DVD Black Cat White Cat 116 min NR Foreign Bulgarian, Bosnia-herzegovina, K
2005 DVD Blossoming of Maximo Olivero 100 min NR Foreign Tagalog, Philppines, Solito
1981 DVD Boat Is Full 104 min PG Foreign German, Curt Bois, Swiss, Imhoof
2008 DVD Bride Flight 130 min 18 Foreign Netherlands, Dutch, Sombogaart
2009 DVD Butcher's Son (La Soga) 102 min NR Foreign Spanish, Dominican Republic, C
2009 DVD Butterfly Tattoo 101 min NR Foreign Netherlands
2018 DVD Bye Bye Germany 102 min NR New Foreign German, Germany, Garbarski
2020 DVD C. B. Strike - Lethal White 240 min 14 New Foreign Tom Burke, Holliday Grainger
1958 DVD Cairo Station 74 min NR Foreign Arabic, Egypt, Chahine
2010 DVD Call Girl 91 min NR Foreign Slovenian, Slovenia, Kozole
2018 DVD Capernaum 123 min Foreign Arabic, Lebanon, Labaki
2010 DVD Captain Abu Raed 102 min NR Foreign Arabic, Jordan, Matalqa
---- DVD Chronicle of a Disappearance 88 min Foreign Arabic & Hebrew, Palestine, Suleiman
1987 DVD Colonel Redl 144 min R Foreign German, Yugoslavia, Szabo
2019 DVD Columnist 85 min New Foreign Dutch, Netherlands, Van Aart
2018 DVD Conductor (2018) 139 min NR New Foreign Dutch, Christianne De Bru, Netherlands, Peters
2019 DVD Corpus Christi 115 min 14 New Foreign Polish, Poland, Komasa
1984 DVD Countryman 103 min 14 Foreign English W, Subt, Jamaica, Jobson
2015 DVD Crumbs 68 min Foreign Amharic, Ethiopia, Llanso
---- DVD Cup 94 min G Foreign Chinese, Bhutan, Norbu
1997 DVD Dancehall Queen 96 min NR Foreign Jamaican, English, Jamaica, Letts
2014 DVD Dark Valley 114 min Foreign German, Sam Riley, Austria, Prochaska
2014 DVD Difret 99 min PG Foreign Amharic, Ethiopia, Mehari
2002 DVD Divine Intervention 100 min NR Foreign Hebrew, Palestine, Suleiman
1981 DVD Do You Remember Dolly Bell? 109 min NR Foreign Serbo-croatian, Yugoslavia, Kusturica
1991 DVD Dove's Lost Necklace 90 min NR Foreign Arabic, Tunisia, Khemir
2014 DVD Dukhtar 93 min Foreign Urdu, Pakistan, Nathaniel
2002 DVD Eliana, Eliana 105 min NR Foreign Indonesian, Indonesia, Riza
2019 DVD Elizabeth Is Missing 90 min New Foreign Glenda Jackson
1994 DVD Emigrant 123 min Foreign Arabic, Egypt, Youseff Chahin
2006 DVD Esma's Secret 107 min NY Foreign Serbo-croatian, Bosnia-herzegovina, Z
2020 DVD Father (2020) 97 min PG New Foreign Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Coleman
2013 DVD Gambler (2013) 109 min NR Foreign Lithuanian, Lithuania, Jonynas
2020 DVD Good Woman Is Hard to Find 97 min NR New Foreign Sarah Bolger, Edward Hogg
2012 DVD Graceland 84 min NR Foreign Tagalog, Philippines, Morales