Pic-a-Flic video

year format title length rating genre notes
2004 DVD 9 Songs 71 min 18 Restricted Michael Winterbottom (di
1994 DVD Aftermath 70 min R Restricted Spanish, Cerda, Subt
2004 DVD Anatomy of Hell 80 min NR Restricted French, Breillat, Subt
2001 DVD Baise - Moi 77 min R Restricted French, Trin Thi, Subt
2005 DVD Battle in Heaven 95 min NR Restricted Spanish, Carlos Reygadas, , Mexico
1973 Blu-ray Belladonna of Sadness 87 min 18 Restricted Japanese, Animated, Japan, Yamamoto
1979 DVD Beneath the Valley of Ultra 93 min R Restricted Russ Meyer
1993 DVD Body of Evidence (Unrated) 139 min R Restricted Madonna
2005 DVD Brown Bunny 9 min R Restricted Vincent Gallo
2001 DVD Bully 12 min R Restricted Brad Renfro
1985 DVD Caligula 156 min X Restricted Malcolm Mcdowell
1980 DVD Cannibal Holocaust 90 min R Restricted Robert Kerman
2001 DVD Center of the World 88 min NR Restricted Balthazar Getty
1998 DVD Chinese Erotic Ghost Story 84 min R Restricted Chinese, Cho, Subt
1997 DVD Chinese Erotic Movies 90 min R Restricted Chinese, Various, Subt
2018 DVD Climax 97 min Restricted English, France, Gaspar Noe
1997 DVD Crash --- R Restricted James Spader, David Cronenberg (di
2002 DVD Dahmer 102 min 18 Restricted Jeremy Renner
1990 DVD Dead Alive 85 min 18 Restricted Peter Jackson (dir)
1995 DVD Delta of Venus 101 min R Restricted Costas Mandylor
2003 DVD Dreamers 115 min NC Restricted Michael Pitt, Eva Green
1973 DVD Emmannuelle 94 min R Restricted Sylvia Kristel
---- DVD Emmanuelle in Soho 90 min NR Restricted Mandy Miller
1993 DVD Erotic Ghost Story 89 min RE Restricted Cantonese, Lam, Subtitled
1996 DVD Exotic House of Wax 85 min NR Restricted Josie Hunter
1994 DVD For a Lost Soldier 92 min R Restricted Dutch, Kerbosch, Subt
1990 DVD Henry: Portrait of a Serial K 82 min R Restricted Michael Rooker
1999 DVD Humanity 14 min R Restricted French, Dumont, Subt
1979 DVD I Spit on Your Grave 100 min R Restricted Meir Zarchi Dir
2001 DVD I Stand Alone 93 min NR Restricted French, Noe, Subt
2003 DVD In the Cut 113 min R Restricted Meg Ryan
1976 DVD In the Realm of the Senses 104 min 17 Restricted Japanese, Oshima, Dubbed
2005 DVD Inside Deepthroat 92 min R Restricted Documentary
2013 DVD Interior Leather Bar 85 min 18 Restricted James Franco, Val Lauren
2001 DVD Intimacy 01 --- R Restricted Patrice Chereau
1999 DVD Irreversible --- R Restricted French, Belluci-cassel, France, Noe
2002 DVD Jan Dara 02 11 min R Restricted Thai, Nimibutr, Subt
2002 DVD Ken Park 96 min R Restricted Adam Chubbuck
1989 DVD Legend of the Overfiend 108 min R Restricted Animated
2005 DVD Lie with Me 92 min R Restricted Lauren Lee Smith
1988 DVD Men Behind the Sun 95 min NR Restricted Mandarin, Mous, Subt
1987 DVD Nekromantik 75 min R Restricted German, Buttgereit, Subt
2013 DVD Nymphomaniac 242 min R Restricted English, Labeouf, Denmark, Lars Von Tri
2013 Blu-ray Nymphomaniac 242 min R Restricted English, Labeouf, Denmark, Lars Von Tri
2001 DVD Piano Teacher 12 min R Restricted French, Haneke, Subt
1972 DVD Pink Flamingos 108 min R Restricted Divine, John Waters (dir)
1995 DVD Poison Ivy II : Lily 110 min R Restricted Alyssa Milano
2002 DVD Porn Star 100 min R Restricted Ron Jeremy
2005 DVD Pornography: A Secret Histor 312 min R Restricted Documentary
1998 DVD Preaching to the Perverted 95 min 18 Restricted Guinevere Turner