Pic-a-Flic video

year format title length rating genre notes
2008 DVD Anvil: The Story of Anvil 90 min PG Music Anvil, Heavy Metal
2003 DVD Death Metal: A Documentary 98 min Music Carnivore, Heavy Metal
1988 DVD Decline of Western Civilizat 93 min R Music Documentary-the Metal Ye, Heavy Metal
2008 DVD Global Metal 93 min 14 Music Documentary (sam Dunn, Di, Heavy Metal
1981 DVD Heavy Metal 93 min R Anime Gerald Potterton (dir)
---- DVD Heavy Metal 2000 88 min 18 Anime Animated
2007 DVD Heavy Metal in Baghdad 84 min 14 Music Documentary, Heavy Metal
1998 DVD Heavy Metal Parking Lot - Jeff 98 min NR Cult Bunch Of Heshers
2009 DVD Iron Maiden Flight 666 113 min 11 Music Iron Maiden, Heavy Metal
2010 DVD Lemmy 116 min 14 Music Motorhead, Heavy Metal
2005 DVD Metal: Headbangers Journey 98 min 18 Music Documentary (sam Dunn, Di, Heavy Metal
1999 DVD Metallica: A Year & Half in T --- NR Music Metallica, Heavy Metal
1987 DVD Metallica: Cliff Em All 90 min 14 Music Metallica, Heavy Metal
2004 DVD Metallica: Some Kind of Monst 141 min PG Music Metallica, Heavy Metal
2013 DVD Metallica: Through the Never 93 min PG Music Metallica, Heavy Metal
2010 DVD Until the Light Takes Us 93 min NR Music Various, Heavy Metal
2014 DVD We Are Twisted Sister 135 min Music Twisted Sister, Heavy Metal