Pic-a-Flic video

year format title length rating genre notes
1974 DVD Alice in the Cities - Criterio 113 min 13 Criterion German, Criterion, Germany, Wenders
1977 DVD American Friend,the 127 min R German German, Wenders, Eng&subt
1977 DVD American Friend - Criterion 126 min NR Criterion German, French, English, Germany, Wenders
2003 DVD Blues: Soul of a Man 127 min NR Music Win Wenders (dir), Blues
1999 DVD Buena Vista Social Club --- NR Music Win Wenders (dir), World Music
2005 DVD Don't Come Knocking 122 min R German Wim Wenders (dir)
1993 DVD Faraway So Close 146 min 13 German German, Wenders, Subt
1982 DVD Hammett 97 min R Drama Wim Wenders, Frederic Forrest
1976 DVD Kings of the Road - Criterion 176 min Criterion German, Criterion, Germany, Wenders
2004 DVD Land of Plenty 123 min NR German Wim Wenders (dir)
1980 DVD Lightning Over Water 90 min NR Documentary Documentary, Wenders
1994 DVD Lisbon Story 100 min 14 German German, Wenders, Subt
1990 DVD Notebook on Cities & Clothes 80 min 13 German Win Wenders, Yamamoto
1984 DVD Paris, Texas - Criterion 145 min NR Criterion Harry Dean Stanton, Wim Wenders (dir)
1985 DVD Tokyo - Ga (Criterion) 92 min NR Criterion German, Wenders, Subt, Criterion
1991 Blu-ray Until the End of the World - 287 min NR Criterion William Hurt, Wenders
1987 DVD Wings of Desire 128 min PG German German, Germany, Wenders
1975 DVD Wrong Move - Criterion 104 min Criterion German, Criterion, Germany, Wenders